Important information

What is KLUB10?
KLUB10 provides volunteers at Roskilde Festival as a service, in return for a ticket to the festival. The profits which KLUB10 generates will go to charities promoting local sports in Zealand and Lolland Falster.


How can I register as a ‘Roskilde Volunteer’?
Follow the link here and enter the requested information. You have to be 18 years old, by the start of the festival.


What does the work involve?
As a volunteer you help festival goers to avoid creating fire hazards, make sure the roads are free of garbage and tents, as well as answer questions from the festival guests.


Where is the work?
In camping area E, which in recent years has been designated ‘Clean Out Loud’ territory. This means that guests clean up their own camp considerably. However, there remains dry as in the other camping areas.


How long is the work?
32 hours, spread over four shifts of 8 hours.


Can I go with my friends?
Yes, to the fullest extent possible.


For big groups

If you are a group of 6 or more people we provide your group with 12 beer per person. If your are 10 or more you will also get 2 bottles of shots.


Do we get food during our shift?
Yes, You will be provided with food during your shift.


How do I get down to work when I have never been a volunteer before?
You must complete a small online course and answer a few questions at home from your computer. You will receive a link within the festival, and the course is compulsory. Additionally, follow your course on our Facebook page KLUB10 (kom gratis på Roskilde Festival – arbejde), where you can easily get in contact with coordinators of KLUB10.


How much is the deposit?
2.000 DKK. It has to be transfered before the festival!
Registration: 5027
Account Nr.: 0001311529


Why should I pay a deposit?
KLUB10 has promised Roskilde Festival to help secure another good festival. We helps making it a safe festival, therefor we also need to be certain number of volunteers. Once you have paid your deposit, we know that we can count on you. You will of course get your entire deposit back after the festival when you have completed your guard duty.


When do I get the deposit refunded?
Immediately after the festival.


Can I be under influence during my shift
You must not be impaired by alcohol or drugs. Nor should you take any whilst on your shift, but when you come into KLUB10 camp after you shift, there is ample opportunity to enjoy an ice-cold can of beer fresh from the refrigerator.


“What if you get sick?”
This may be an accident of course and everyone can become sick. If this is the case, simply present a signed medical certificate, and you will get your deposit refunded. Failure to attend to your shift and you can not show a doctor’s note you will not receive your deposit.


Do you have shifts on music days?
Yes, you will have at least two shifts on the music days.


My friend had to work only 24 hours for another union, why should I work more?
Your 4 shifts will be spread over the entire festival including the warm-up. Most of our volunteers will work twice during the four music days and twice before or after.


Is it true there is a complimentary breakfast included each morning in the KLUB10 camp?
Yes! Everything your heart desires to the city’s best, toast, bread, cornflakes and oatmeal.


Is it true there is free hot showers and toilet facilities?
Yes (the showers are mostly hot) !


Will we give you a beer?
If you come into the camp with a good mood, it is not unthinkable.